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Jordan Leigh.


I'm Jordan, and I'm great.

, 16 candles, 80's, abercrombie, adam brody, american dreams, american eagle, ashton kutcher, back rubs, bam margera, beauty, bethlehem, bike rides across delmar, bike rides around bethlehem, blink 182, blue eyes, bothering people, boys, boys in bands, brand new, british accents, butterflies, camera phones, candy, cars, catcher in the rye, cell phones, cheesecake, christopher ender carrabba, clothes, clouds, coheed and cambria, colin farrell, colors, communities, concerts, converse, crossgates mall, dancing, dashboard confessional, dave matthews, death cab for cutie, dogs, dreams, drive-thru records, drummers, eating, emo, eternal sunshine, eyes, fall out boy, fallout boy, fame, family, fantasy, fashion, feestilijk, finding nemo, flip flops, flippy flops, flowers, food, friends, fuse, going to the mall, hearts, honesty, horses, hot tubs, jackass, jesse lacey, john mayer, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, jordan miller, kissing, kitties, laughing, lip gloss, lips, love, mall, maroon 5, matchbook romance, men, money, movies, murder by numbers, music, nails, new york, orlando bloom, our lady peace, parties, people, perfume, pictures, pink thongs, pirates of the caribbean, polka dots, pop tarts, popcorn, pretty eyes, rain, ramen noodles, raspberry snapple, real world, rings, rolls, rooney, sandals, saturday nights, sex, shaggy hair, shane west, shia labeouf, shoes, shopping, showers, singing, smiling, snow, something corporate, stars, story of the year, sugarcult, sunbathing, swimming, switchfoot, taking pictures, talking, tall guys, the look for less, the oc, the postal service, trampolines, trucker hats, viva la bam, walking around bethlehem, web cams, wendys, white oleander, wiggers, winter, yellowcard,